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Take the pledge, and learn the Spanish language

Love travels beyond borders and boundaries, and is felt through human connection. Volunteers will feel this love no matter what during their time volunteering in Central America. Knowing a few Spanish phrases to use while serving others will show your genuine desire to connect with the community.


One month from today we will be starting the Color My World humanitarian trips in Central America. The preparation though starts today. As part of the #ColorMyWorldPledge we are challenging you to learn at least 10 phrases in Spanish. These can be simple phrases like,

What is your name?

(Cuál es tu nombre?)

Do you want to play a game?

(Quieres jugar?)

Where do you live?

(Dónde vives?)


Each word and phrase that you learn in Spanish will result in a deeper connection with the community that you will be serving alongside. Ask any prior Color My World volunteer about their memories and experiences, and they will not tell you of how many houses they built, but of the friends they made while serving.


Why is taking the pledge and learning the language so important?

Color My World volunteers come from all over America. Each person has different talents and capabilities. But one resounding message came from our surveys of our 2016 volunteers. When asked what they wish they had done to better prepare for their humanitarian trip. Overwhelmingly, our volunteers responded saying that they wished that they had learned more Spanish in preparation. As a team, here at Color My World we realised that we had to do something about this, and help future volunteers properly prepare for their humanitarian trip.

Take the pledge and start learning a new Spanish phrase a day. The more you learn, the better you will be able to communicate with the people that you will be working alongside.

We want to hear from you, after you learn a phrase that you think you might use in Central America, why not post it on social media using #ColorMyWorldPledge. You share your phrase of the day, and we will share one of our back!