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We need Holy Bibles in “URDU”, the native Pakistani language!

We are raising funds to distribute free Bibles among Christian families that have been displaced by operation of Army in North Waziristan against Talibans.


Good News-
Since we wrote this post within 4 hours we reached our goal of raising $1200.00!



These Internal Displaced People (IDPS) consist more than two hundred Christian families who have moved from Taliban occupied areas to Bannu city, and are now living in camps.


We have found that unfortunately they do not have any bibles with them.


The bibles need to be distributed in camps, otherwise it’s impossible to give the bibles in their areas when they settled back because of the following major reasons.


1- They have displaced from different unreachable and risky areas (villages) of North Waziristan

2- To carry bibles in these areas is prohibited and considered a crime.

3- Not safe to travel there

Right now they are settled in camps and our partner in Pakistan can purchase and distribute them easily for us in their native languages.