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Support Our School Sponsorships & Alvaro

For the last five years Color My World has run humanitarian trips to Nicaragua. Each summer dozens of volunteers would take the flight to Managua, jump on a bus, and travel for 3 hours to a place that many returners call their second home.

The town of Jiquilillo is home to so many of our volunteers because of the connections and bonds that are formed with the community.

One of the members of the community who’s name will never be forgotten by any Nicaragua volunteer is Alvaro, a 17 year old from Jiquilillo, and a best friend of Color My World.


Throughout Alvaro’s teenage years he has followed the same career path as almost every other man in Jiquilillo, fishing. Night and day fisherman will travel miles out to sea, searching for their food and income for the day. With the ever increasing numbers of fisherman in the Pacific Ocean, boats have to travel further out and disrupt the ever diminishing fish eco systems that are struggling to stay alive.


With schooling in Nicaragua only going to age 11 for 80% of Nicaraguans, people like Alvaro have very little opportunity to choose which career path they want to follow.


As a human family, it is up to us to support each other. Each day Alvaro would help volunteers in Nicaragua learn Spanish, and answer questions about the country, helping us to integrate with the community, and not just be visitors looking in.

The decision was made while in Nicaragua to sponsor Alvaro in school, paying for the tuition fees, and assisting him in deciding what he wanted to do for his career.


Now Alvaro goes to school every week. While the cost of tuition may be covered, each day he has to catch a bus that takes 2 hours to get to Chinandega, he has to buy school supplies, and food for each day that he is in school.

By working together, we can support those  that want to support themselves. Help sponsor Alvaro. Whether $10 or $50, any amount can make a difference.

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