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The Power Of Giving With Color My World

Each year, we are shocked by the generosity of others. Whether through the giving of their time, or the donation of their money. While on the face of it, these donations may seem small, the impact of these donations can change lives. With today being #givingtuesday, we wanted to share with you a few examples of how small donations can change lives.

Over the past 5 years, Color My World volunteers have become very close with several of the teenagers in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua. We admire the thirst they have for knowledge, and the work ethic that they have.


Supporting Learning In Central America

The decision was made in the 2016 season in Nicaragua to start sponsoring one of these teenagers, giving him the opportunity to attend secondary school. While in Nicaragua we paid the tuition costs for the year, and helped prepare him for attending school. The cost of school does not just stop at paying for tuition though. Alvaro has to catch a 2 hour bus to get to school each morning, and have money to buy lunch while at school each day.

What difference will you make by giving $20? choosing to donate $20 will support Alvaro for 2 weeks, providing him with a way to get to school each day. The impact of the $20 does not end after the 2 weeks. The donation will have a lasting impact, as it enables Alvaro to fulfil his thirst for knowledge, making him more employable in the future. a $20 donation will provide a future for Alvero.


While the donations made are currently helping one teenager in Jiquilillo, with your support, we hope to continue supporting teenagers in the future, and help them fulfil their potential through gaining an education.

Providing a Home For Future Generations

Many of the communities that we work in have families that are either homeless, or live in unsustainable accommodation. For the last 2 years, Color My World has sponsored the building of brick homes for these families. The purpose of the homes are to provide sustainable housing for families that will last generations.


One home costs $5,000. This is another example of where the donations from Color My World go. The result of funding a home changes a families life. While in Nicaragua, we spoke with a mother who had just received a home, and with tears in her eyes, she shared with us her plans to make her own juice, and sell it. This dream of hers was only made possible however through receiving the home where she could get electricity. This business will provide an income and a future for the family.


Any donation, no matter the size can change lives.

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