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Making Outfits for Nicaragua

One of the most frequent questions that we are asked by our volunteers is “what can I donate?”

Volunteers are eager to prepare for their time in Central America, by creating hygiene kits, donating money, and making outfits for the locals and families.

One of our volunteers this year has decided to go above and beyond in her dedication to serving the people of Nicaragua. For the last 3 months Alison Taylor, and a team of helpers have made dresses and shorts for the children of Nicaragua.


The decision to make the outfits originated from wanting to do something for the orphanage that Color My World works with each year, the idea was to make an outfit for each of the children in the orphanage. This original project was sponsored by Ashley Grange Nursing Home in Downton, where Alison was employed. After Alison began making the dresses for the orphanage, others wanted to get involved. Soon what began as a single volunteer and a sewing machine became a team of eager sewers.


With just 2 weeks until Alison goes to Nicaragua to deliver the outfits, the last outfit has just been finished making the total 80! Many of these dresses are yet to be sponsored by donations.This number of outfits well exceed the goal of dressing the orphanage, it enables new dresses and shorts to be given to the children and families of the Villa Esperanza house building project.

When Alison reflects upon the project she says :

“I have enjoyed sitting up late in the night sewing away on my machine picturing in my mind the children that will wear the clothes that I am making, I know that this is the feeling of my friends too, there have been many emails and calls from people eager to help that i do not know, the excitement in doing this project has been just wonderful”

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The value of these outfits will not be lost on the children of Nicaragua. To enable the Nicaraguan people to take pride in themselves by what they wear, the Nicaraguan Government has asked that humanitarian charities do not give away second hand clothing. The vision behind this is that no child or family feels second class through what they wear.

The outfits that Alison and her friends have made encapsulates the Nicaraguan vision. No outfit has ever been worn before, but instead made completely from scratch. Emails have been sent back and forth from England to Nicaragua to discover the different sizes of the children, and their favourite colours and designs. What started off as a nice idea and good intentions has flourished into a project that will make a difference in many children lives.


When planning sustainable projects, the first hurdle to overcome is to ensure that the impact will remain long after the volunteer leaves. Just as snow disappears in the spring, and fills the earth with much needed nutrients, so too should any volunteers effort that is given. The name of the volunteer may be forgotten, but the difference made remains.

As a charity, we are overjoyed by the efforts and dedication of our volunteers in looking for ways that they can help make a difference.

If you would like to donate towards an outfit for the children of Nicaragua, then fill out the form below, and help us make a difference in Central America.

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