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Fundraising For Volunteering With Color My World

Each and every year we have volunteers traveling from America and England fundraise to volunteer in Central America. Throughout the years we have seen great fundraising ideas support teens and families give back in Central America.

With the 2017 season just around the corner, we wanted to share some great fundraising that has happened in previous years, and some top tips for your fundraising.

Selling baked goods

Friends, family, work colleagues, just about everyone loves to eat cakes, cookies and treats… especially if they are homemade! Last year, we had one volunteer raise all of the funds to volunteer in Nicaragua for one week by just selling cookies. We had another group of girls from Utah raise funds by making cakes and selling them in their neighbourhood.


Arts & Crafts And Dress Making

With all fundraising ideas, the best projects come when volunteers use their unique skills and talents. This summer a volunteer from England made dresses and outfits for children in Central America, and sold them to people in her community to raise funds for volunteering in Nicaragua.


Valentines flower delivery

One great way to fundraise is by providing gifts and treats during the holidays. On valentine’s day we had one of our volunteers in Baltimore deliver flowers and other gifts. With all of the upcoming holidays throughout Christmas and New Year’s, there are plenty of opportunities to fundraise.


Gofundme pages

Every volunteer who raises funds for Central America makes a fundraising page online. It is now easier than ever, find the best fundraising page that works for you, fill out your details, share an emotional video and story of why you want to volunteer, and share with your friends and family. Frequent updates, and sharing online are the key principles of successful fundraising campaigns.


As a charity, we encourage everyone to consider volunteering, to give of their time to work alongside others in need. With the fundraising opportunities now available through the internet there is no better opportunity to raise funds to volunteer.

November 3, 2016