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Anti-Pornography Conference

The Anti-Pronography conference was organized through American Mothers Inc. (AMI) and the Burbridge Foundation to appeal to a wide variety of community groups and hosted in Manchester, NH.


Planning for the conference began more than a year ago when the private Burbridge Foundation of Oklahoma City, and AMI teamed up to sponsor training sessions for civic leaders in Manchester, NH organized by AMI National Board member, Angela Hughes


Jack Samad, executive director of National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families, said:

“Lots of teens and pre-teens like the music and fast pace of MTV programs and peers talk about these programs at school. A teen who wants peer acceptance — and what teenager doesn’t want to feel included? — will feel left out if they simply reply that their parents won’t let them watch MTV. We recommend sitting down with your teenager who is watching such a program and discussing it. Asking questions such as, “What values are being displayed by this program? What choices are these musicians making? Is it consistent with your values and the things we consider important?” Such facilitated family discussions enable teens to make good choices and have ready answers for others who may have different values.”


“In President Hinckley’s First Presidency message in the September Ensign, he urged us to get involved in our communities and address the debilitating effects of pornography,”



November 24, 2003